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Promo Hunters 10: Born in the USA

For this week’s edition of Promo Hunters, we’re honoring the red, white, and blue with our selection of USA-made promo products ready for any 4th of July celebration. Need a tote bag to carry your fireworks in? Or maybe you’re using the holiday for some well-deserved spa day? Whatever the case may be, these American-produced items are sure to do the trick!

Full-Color Jersey Scuba Sleeve for Cans - HPG

Full Color Jersey Scuba Sleeve for Cans

Keep your drinks cold while showing some team spirit with the Full-Color Jersey Scuba Sleeve from HPG. These jersey-shaped coolies are made from ⅛” thick scuba foam, keeping your drinks nice and crisp. Get your client’s logo to pop thanks to the full-color imprint capabilities.

Igloo® Trailmate 25 Qt Hard Side Cooler - Gemline

Speaking of cold beverages, a cooler is an absolute essential for any outdoor festivities. The Igloo® Trailmate 25-Qt Hard Side Cooler from Gemline has everything you want out of a cooler: a fully insulated 1.5” foam wall, leak-resistant gaskets to keep everything secured in place, and a bottle opener attached to the cooler. Fill this cooler up with ice and a couple of cases of your favorite beverage and get the party started!

Custom Backs and Faces - Playing Cards on Demand

While you’re waiting to pop your fireworks, why not play a quick game of Spades to pass the time? Create your own custom deck of cards from Playing Cards on Demand. Their Custom Backs and Faces options are printed in the USA, and constructed from high-quality casino card stock. Let your clients’ creativity run wild outlining every detail from the front to the back and even down to the type of box.

Moop® Grandview Tote - PCNA

Product Image

You can never have too many tote bags in our opinion. The Moop Grandview Tote from PCNA carries everything you need for your next weekend's getaway or picnic in the park. The bags are crafted from untreated 100% cotton 12oz duck canvas fabric. The totes are built to last and withstand whatever life throws their way.

Hogyo Gift Set - Snugz USA

Product Image

Finally, it’s time to treat yo’ self with a little R&R kit, courtesy of Snugz USA. The Hogyo Gift Set is filled with everything you need for the perfect spa day. Indulge in the soothing scents from the lemon verbena bath salts, candle tin, and room spray. And scrub away all the stress from the day with the exfoliating pumice stone included as well. Draw the bath, turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb”, and simply relax.